Family law matters can be relatively simple or extremely complicated depending on each individual set of circumstances.  Commensurately, the legal fees required to litigate each case depend on the complexity of the matter.

We understand that each family’s financial situation and arrangements are as unique as the family itself.  Our firm has a wide variety of services and fees structured to allow everyone access to experienced professional legal representation.

One of our firm’s core values is access to quality legal representation for everyone.

This core belief was the foundation in developing our legal fee structure including the following options:

  • Hourly rates based on income and net worth
  • Unbundled legal services

When you set an initial consultation we will review the circumstances of your case, then discuss the fees and payment structure required to professionally represent your matter before the court.

It is unethical to charge on a contingency basis for family law matters.  A typical family law case is charged by the hour.  However, we do offer unbundled legal services.  For more information, see Unbundled Legal Services below.
We understand that the circumstances of each divorce are unique.  Therefore, offering a one price fits all would be simply irresponsible and misleading.  We believe you should have an honest understanding of the potential legal fees you may incur in your family law matter.

Many firms which offer flat fee divorce are only offering a document package for you to file with the court.  Then, if a hearing is necessary, appear on your own in front of the judge.  If, and most likely when, you are unable to complete the process, you will be charged for any additional legal work required to complete your divorce.

Our firm will review your case and give an opinion of the potential legal fees required to represent you.  This opinion will be based on our experience in similar cases our firm has previously litigated. 

Yes, we believe everyone deserves access to legal representation, regardless of your income.  We have developed a sliding scale fee program for exactly this purpose.  For more information, see Sliding Scale Fee Program below. 
Yes, this is a common situation and there are various remedies available to resolve this problem?  Please contact our office and we can discuss what options may be available in your particular set of circumstances. 
In a family law matter, an initial consultation is a legal advisory and counseling session and is therefore billed accordingly.
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In general, the fewer issues that are in dispute, the less complicated—and less costly—the divorce process can be for you.

A “Noncontested Divorce” may be an option for you if:

  • You are in agreement regarding the need for a divorce
  • Do not have children or are in agreement as to a parenting plan
  • Do not have property or other assets to divide or are in agreement to their division

This option documents the agreement between the parties and legally formalizes them in the divorce decree issued by the Court.  Generally, this is the least expensive for method for handling a divorce.

Unfortunately, not all cases can be settled collaboratively and must be handled through the more involved process of a “Contested Divorce.” Each issue which the parties cannot agree upon must be settled through the divorce.  To reduce legal fees, it is advisable to agree on as many issues as possible and use your legal counsel only when necessary to negotiate unsettled matters.  Remember, each matter in dispute will incur legal fees for both parties, not just one.  We advise each party retain separate counsel for all “Contested Divorce” cases.

Representing yourself can be the most expensive way to handle a divorce.  When mistakes are made, hiring an attorney at any point in the future to repair issues, is routinely more expensive than doing it right from the beginning.  Divorces handled through proper legal counsel significantly reduce the probability of re-litigating matters in the future.


Our firm has developed a tiered hourly rate program to assist low to moderate income individuals with access to quality legal representation.  Qualification for the program is based on the income and net worth of the family.

Clients will complete an assessment which includes a sworn financial statement accompanied by verifying documentation.  Candidates who qualify will receive legal representation at a reduced hourly rate.

This is a discounted legal fee program, not diminished legal services.  These clients receive the same legal representation as all clients represented by our firm.


Certain clients may prefer to contract our firm to handle very specific individual family legal matters.  Most legal services offered by our firm may be contracted individually.  These legal services are billed either as a flat fee or hourly rate dependent on the legal service and determined on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE:  Unbundled Legal Services may have limitations and restrictions in many cases including but not limited to The Law Offices of Lisa E. Frazer, LLC. representation under a Limited Entry of Appearance.



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